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Hello, welcome to my website.

The chances are, that you are here because we've more than likely met either digitally or face-to-face at some point. But for anyone completely new here, welcome! ... It's great that you have somehow stumbled across my website or you are visiting because you have seen something that has led you here! Thank you.

I'm Victoria Taylor, I'm a business consultant who specialises in helping the businesses and brands I work with to achieve success. An exceptional customer experience lies at the heart of every successful business and telling your business story WELL across digital media has never been more crucial than it is today. I eat, sleep and breathe business development and telling your story, digitally.

For over 10 years I have helped those I work with to think differently and design and create unique experiences that deliver beyond expectations of just great performance and sales (those come naturally as a result of delivering exceptional experience). I help businesses to reach the heart as well as the mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that people want to feel with them time and time again.

When someone feels a connection with you, they don’t just want to experience that with you repeatedly, they also want to tell their friends and families so they can experience it too.

So what exactly is it that I do? Well, of course I do the regular jargon-filled deliverables:  increasing sales revenue and profit, accelerating brand awareness, building influence, raising profile and generating PR, but that's a by-product of something much more magical that is absolutely necessary not only to survive, but also to be significant to today's digital-savvy multimedia-user and consumer. I help those I work with to understand that this is about building relationships for the long term, not simply generating short term transactions. When we build for the long term we don’t just survive, we thrive.

People. First. Always.

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As a business and digital media consultant, I work in a number of ways that are tailored to your need. I translate the world of digital marketing and social for the clients I work with, simplifying the complexity of the ever-emerging digital world and today's in-control savvy consumer.

I help clients to put Customer Experience at the forefront of everything they do, seamlessly helping them to integrate this through all areas of their business infrastructure both online and offline…



I am an international speaker who has been delivering keynote talks for the past 5 years for brands and at conferences.  My keynotes are human centred and focused on Customer Experience, Social Media and Storytelling. I help to overcome the challenge for brands to not only survive, but thrive when technology and digital moves so quickly. I do this by blending the extraordinary potential of people and digital and the power they have together.

I also manage an intimate and exclusive small network of some of the worlds leading speakers in the digital marketing, technology and innovation space. Mariposa Media’s portfolio includes speakers who have spoken for Fortune 100 companies, Presidents …






“ Anything is possible when human beings allow themselves to reach their creative potential. Thinking like a child has never been more important in business than it is today! A Child's mind has no limitations. All it wants to do is imagine, discover and do. When we let go of limitation, allowing our minds to think differently and create, we produce things that make real-life unforgettable experiences and thumb-stopping digital moments. These are the moments where you and your potential customers connect, because you made an impression on them by doing something different to the masses in an overly populated world of content, where every person, every business, every type of media is vying for a consumer's attention. These moments, are the moments that I help my clients to create time and time again"