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People are the power source behind every brand and every business on this planet.

Empower people and they will power your brand or business …

Welcome. The chances are, that you are here because we've more than likely met either digitally or face-to-face or you may have come here via recommendation, but for anyone completely new here, It's great to have you here.

First things first, I know how busy you are, because I am busy and your customers are busy too. People are far more time-poor these days with how quick our media inundated, technology loaded lives have become. So I will start at the top level, so you know whether or not you are in the right place.

I work with brands and businesses in three key areas: Customer Experience, Media Marketing and Business Development.

Summed up simply: I'm a consultant who specialises in helping the brands and businesses I work with to achieve success.

I work with many industries and verticals and I specialise in Travel, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Entertainment.


An exceptional customer experience lies at the heart of every successful business. A solid business strategy builds the foundation of every successful business. The ability to engage in conversations and tell your story WELL across media both digitally and physically through events and networking is crucial to be a successful business.

I eat, sleep and breathe customer experience, business development and the ability to create media strategies that not only capture attention and generate clients but also build meaningful relationships.

For over 15 years I have helped those I work with to think differently and design and create unique experiences that deliver beyond expectations of just great performance and sales (those come naturally as a result of delivering exceptional experience). I help businesses to reach the heart as well as the mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that people want to feel with them time and time again.

When someone feels a connection with you, they don’t just want to experience that with you repeatedly, they also want to tell their friends and families so they can experience it too.

So what exactly is it that I do? Well, of course I do the regular jargon-filled deliverables: increasing sales revenue and profit, accelerating brand awareness, building influence, raising profile and generating PR, but that's a by-product of something magical that is absolutely necessary to not only survive, but also to be significant to today's digital-savvy multimedia-user and consumer.

I help those I work with to understand that this is about building relationships for the long term, not simply generating short term transactions. When we make people matter, we don’t just survive, we thrive.

People. First. Always.

how can we work together?


Strategy And Consultancy Services


I work in a variety of different ways across multiple business sectors. The three key areas I cover are; business development, customer experience and media marketing (which includes traditional media outlets and digital media).

I work with you to deliver success. This looks different for every brand I work with which means that how we work together will be dependant on the conversation that we have.

I offer both online and in-person consultancy and strategy sessions with brands / businesses and their teams.

Hotel | Travel | Hospitality Consultancy


My travel background and an extensive career in customer experience and media consultancy provides an advantageous perspective with both inside and outside travel industry knowledge. The unique blend of this has been central to delivering success.

As a business consultant I have worked with boutique hotels, hotel chains and international travel brands providing consultancy, strategy and experience solutions that deliver results, sales, increased customer experience, public relations, brand storytelling across media and client growth. You can learn more here.

Speaking At Your Event | Conference


I am an international speaker who has been delivering keynotes for the past 7 years for brands and at conferences.  My keynote topics are Customer Experience, Digital Media and Storytelling. I help brands to overcome the challenge to not only survive, but also thrive when technology and digital moves so quickly and people have more choice than ever. I do this by exploring the extraordinary potential of people and digital and the power that they have together.

If you are an event organiser or brand looking for a keynote speaker, you can learn more here.


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Notice I use the word people. THIS is where you need to begin. How often do you have internal meetings where you refer to people as either ‘customers’ or ‘potential customers’ or you talk about ‘customer journeys’?

Here lies a problem. If we look at people as people and only that, then we have far more likelihood that with the right experience and the right messaging and story they may become a customer.

We must put ourselves on the back foot and assume nothing, to take large strides forward in business. A customer is never a ‘given’ and anyone who becomes a customer is a privilege to us. When we stop assuming and targeting our messaging at ‘customers’ and start thinking about how we can simply have conversations with people we become brands that genuinely connect and create long-term relationships that last.

Conversations Count.

Your business is not what you tell people it is, it is what people tell each other it is and people talk, A LOT. In today’s age people talk everywhere in multiple places; at the bar, on social media channels, in review forums, at networking meetings. People love to talk and they will talk about you. What would someone say about your business to the next person they talk to? THAT is the question that needs to have a VERY positive answer EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Focusing on the experience people have with you is a sure fired way to ensure that the conversations around your brand or business are positive ones that grow you. We have so many choices to choose anyone that offers what you offer, why you? why choose your brand/business?

If you’re focused on facts and figures and ‘brand messaging’ that’s great and an essential ingredient, but it is no where near savvy enough and you are missing sales and opportunities by not giving enough attention to the most fundamental thing, people. So what would the next person say about your business? and is it what you want them to be saying?

If you’re not sure or you are doing things ‘the way it’s always been’ then …