I am an international speaker who has been delivering keynote talks for the past 7 years for brands and at conferences.  My keynotes are human centred and focused on Customer Experience, Media and Storytelling. I help to overcome the challenge for brands to not only survive, but thrive when technology and digital moves so quickly. I do this by exploring the extraordinary potential of people and digital and the power that they have together.

Capturing attention and keeping it is everything. You do this by touching hearts as well as reaching minds. Creating something purposeful that people connect with, whilst delivering a clear, impactful message is critical to the success of a brand. On stage, I practice what I encourage my clients to do; create moments that matter. I like to do things differently, in a way that involves people so that they understand and so that it inspires, empowering them to take action when a conference or event is over.

I've been known to pop the corks of Prosecco bottles at 10:30am (by request!) in the morning to help create experiences that capture the attention of conference delegates. Creating an experience REALLY matters in todays world where we are overloaded with information in every part of our lives AND where our attention is fleeting and minimal. There are hundreds and thousands of conferences, how do you make yours a talking point and meaningful?

My most popular talk is ‘The Experience Collector’. In an interview below I talk about the concept of The Experience Collector in an interview at Acquia Engage, London 2019. The full keynote ‘The Experience Collector’ is 30 minutes long but can be tailored to a 20 or 40 minute keynote.

If you are looking to create an on-stage experience with a meaningful, empowering message that inspires change to power success, then let’s talk and make a memorable experience for your delegates.

I am also able to offer conference hosting and panelist services. Please let me know at enquiry stage what it is that you are looking for. Let's create something special together.


“I had seen Victoria speak at a number of events and always found her passionate about her subject and engaging with the audience. So, when we created MarketEd.Live a peer-led event for marketers, Victoria was always someone we were going to invite to speak to our audience.

As we expected, Victoria’s session got the delegates excited, talking to each other and sharing ideas. It generated plenty of chatter on social media, which contributed to buzz around the event. She speaks with real heart - the topics she chooses to talk about are based on personal experience which resonate.

But more than that, Victoria was a pure joy to work with on the event. She became involved in helping us deliver a successful event, offering advice based on her experience of being a speaker, which we truly appreciated. Book Victoria to speak at your event and you’ll get much more than just a speaker.”
— Paul Ince, Founder MarketEd.Live

“I had asked Victoria to come and speak at a Social Marketing event called Social Day, Victoria was great! She was able to get the audience out of their seats and get them to be practical in her talk

Once Victoria had spoken at the first event I knew we had to secure her for the rest!
Every time she has spoken for us, she has got the audience involved and enhanced the delegate experience. Which is no surprise considering she speaks with such knowledge and passion on the topic of Customer Experience and Social Media. Not only does she do an incredible job at the event, but prior to the event she was really proactive in promoting the events to her community.

If you are looking for an engaging, thoughtful, creative and exciting Social Media and Customer Experience speaker, Victoria comes highly recommended. I’m at the point where I wouldn’t hold a Social Media or Marketing event and not include her in the line up.”
— Lucy Hall, Co-Founder Social Day

Mariposa Media Speakers

If you are looking for futurist speakers, I manage a small and exclusive small group of some of the worlds leading speakers in the digital marketing, technology and innovation space. Mariposa Media’s portfolio includes speakers who have spoken for Fortune 100 companies, Presidents, Prime ministers, Blue Chip Companies, Private Dinners, Product Launches, Technology Conferences and events from multiple industries.

If you would like to learn more about our experienced speakers and how they can deliver dynamic, impressive and experiential keynotes and hosting services for your event, pop over to Mariposa Media and see how we can help you!