This service specifically designed to help hoteliers to understand how to attract more bookings through both customer experience (digital and physical) and media marketing.

My background in travel goes back decades, my first job being a travel consultant for a very well known Global Travel brand. Experience design was everything back then, but now, it has become crucial in order to capture the attention of guests (digitally) to keep that attention and deliver an outstanding experience (physically - when they stay at your premises) and to turn them into loyal customers who want to return time and time again and tell their friends and family so they will also visit too.

When I developed my digital consultancy (almost 7 years ago) I never envisaged that I would be traveling around the world to consult with businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes and I certainly never thought that the travel industry would play such a huge part of my digital business journey.

Fast forward 7 years and I now work with multiple travel brands, businesses and hotels to help them to ‘think like their guests’ in everything they do.

This is no easy thing to do, particularly in a world where consumers are complex and have very specific but also varying needs, there are multiple choices available to us and millions of hotels and travel brands all vying for the same peoples’ attention on social media.

I created a package called ‘The Hotel Experience’ that is tailored for every single hotel and travel brand I work with. Although I have packaged this, the outcomes and ideas are completely bespoke and specific to every individual hotel that I work with based upon what I experience with you, your hotel and your team! I have worked with individual boutique hotels and hotels that are multi-chain hotels. Each hotel is different and

What do you get from ‘The Hotel Experience’ package?

*A full telephone briefing before hand so you are prepared and so your team are prepared for my visit

*I visit you for 3 days to work with you, the brand or the hotelier and your team.

Note: Night one; Overnight stay and evening meal at your hotel provided by you to allow me to experience being a guest and gather my own thoughts and ideas prior to day one with you and your team.

Day One.

*I walk through every aspect of your hotel by talking with you and various team members from different departments (don’t worry each team member won’t need to allocate an entire 2 days) we will talk with them casually and separately in the environment in which they carry out their work. It is most effective we do this in this way so that I get to experience them, naturally in the place where they would be interacting with guests. I talk with the kitchen team, the restaurant team, the housekeeping team, the reception team, the bar team, the garden team, the leisure team, the marketing team, the management team. It is pivotal to the success of delivering exceptional experiences both digitally and physically that every person is involved in the process.

*I will ask questions to gain their perspective on your guests, the things your guests like, the things they perhaps don’t like as much. I will ask your team what they like about working at your hotel, if there are any potential challenges for them that could help them to perform better (This is very effective because it is someone external. Very often we uncover Ah-Ha moments that provide excellent points to deliver exceptional experiences). My forte is in having the ability to ask the right questions to uncover the potential magic moments that exist in EVERY SINGLE HOTEL. The problem is that few know how to uncover them which means many hotels will never deliver those magic moments that guests crave in todays world of choice!

*Following the first few hours with your team, I will spend 2/3 hours with you, the hotelier to understand your visions, ideas and thoughts. To understand your goals for the business.

(You would be surprised at how many hotels (approx 90%) base their goals around key dates in the year, for example Christmas, Easter etc.) This mindset can be very limiting particularly in the experience economy that we live in. It is very easy to churn out a ‘Christmas theme’ every year and think that a different theme will equal the same or better success than the year before. In some cases, it may well do, however your potential guests are becoming more choosy by the day and they have more options available to them than ever before that they can find all over social media. You need to give them a GREAT reason to choose you!

*During our 2/3 hours together we will discuss the potential findings from conversations with your various teams and create a summary at the end of the day.

*I will make suggestions to you for our morning of content capture on Day 3 (for example this may be getting your chef to prepare certain dishes that we are able to photograph) It will certainly involve asking your staff to come well dressed (I’m sure they are anyway) so we can capture some content of them too!

Note: Night 2; Overnight stay and evening meal at your hotel provided by you to allow me to gather my findings, strategy thoughts and ideas prior to day two with you and your team.

Day Two

*Now we have gathered all information from your team, yourself and I have experienced what it is like to be a guest I have an understanding of multiple perspectives for all the departments/areas of your hotel. Today is divided into two parts the morning being a morning of both physical and digital strategy design and that afternoon being an afternoon of content capture.

*I always suggest that day two is for you, the hotelier and any members of your marketing, events and management teams who are very hands on the creation of hotel events and the hotels digital marketing.

What will we cover in your strategy session.

9-10am We will discuss ‘The Hotel Human Element’ This is something that is missed so frequently. Many hotels have incredible members of staff that the public don’t get to see (on social media). People often only experience this as a guest

10-11am We will uncover your points of difference (The quirky ones, not typical USP’s) and how we can use those to increase more bookings via social media.

11-12 noon Your existing offerings across all departments. Bedrooms, Dinners, Afternoon Teas, Weddings, Leisure


1-2pm Your amenities, for example WiFi (are you using this to tap into a different type of guest?) - If not, you are missing out.

2-4pm Your social media process. We will look at what you are doing currently, who is responsible for the social media strategy and look at ways, methods, tools and practices that will connect you far better to your potential guests so you never miss a booking (You will be surprised at how many hotels really miss out on 100’s sometimes 1000’s of bookings by missing simple communications that should be monitored as a part of daily practice. We will cover this in extensive detail. We will also cover pop up areas during our social media exploration and uncover how a few pop up areas around your hotel throughout the year will have your guests creating social media posts FOR you! and whats more, they will LOVE doing it too!

4-5pm The next 6 months. During this time we will look ahead at the next six months and explore how you can turn typical experiences into business changing experiences. A happy guest is a guest that will return time and time again. What can we

5pm-6pm Guest takeaways and lasting impressions. When your guests leave, what memories are they taking that will make them want to return again. It is ASTONISHING how many hotels do not have an ‘exit process’ (so to speak). When a guest leaves your hotel it is important that they have not just a great memory but THE BEST memory to take away so they want to return almost as soon as they walk out of the front door. Together we will look at your process and if you don’t have one, we will create one that will make a huge difference to your bookings, guaranteed.

Note: Night 3; Overnight stay and evening meal at your hotel provided by you to allow me to prepare for content capture session on day 3 . This will involve exploring photo points, video areas and themes and ideas for capturing content on the morning of day 3.

Day 3

9am - 1pm I will explore your hotel with the people who work with your social media/marketing. Together we will create 100 pieces of content for social media posts and I can guarantee they will never be short of social media post ideas ever again! This will be a highly interactive and exploratory session. It will leave your marketing team enthused and full of ideas that differ from the typical food/bedroom/wedding photos and videos that we see everywhere from hotels on social media.

If you want to stand out and attract more customers you have to STAND OUT and be different

What you will receive from your content capture morning

100 raw pieces of content that are made up of images and videos for use across your social media channels (Thats enough pieces of content for 3 months of social media posts!)

Inspired staff who are full of ideas for future content capture days!

Staff who want to be involved with creating posts and ideas for social media. This is a challenge for many hoteliers. Ideas are stale and therefore we see the same content always. People like to see new and exciting things if they are going to choose your hotel. This session will give you exciting content to attract many more customers!


2pm-4pm Summary of 3 days, hand over of findings, strategy and pieces of content for social media posts.

Follow up phone call to discuss progress 1 month following visit.