In order to become ‘The Hotel’ that everyone wants to book a stay at or ‘The Travel Brand’ that everyone wants to align with or buy from, you have to step outside of that comfortable zone that you may be currently sitting in.

When you work in your industry it is easy to adopt an ‘in-industry mindset’. It is the most common thing in the world for thinking to be based on referring back to existing knowledge and repeating the same habits and methods and hoping for different results. When you work in something every single day and don’t allocate time to allowing yourself to think differently, that’s the unsafe territory where many hotels and travel businesses sadly fade away. Innovation matters and it matters now, more than ever.

If you have a problem with your car, you take it to a garage to get it repaired.

If you have a problem with your leg, you go to the doctor to get it diagnosed.

If your teeth are giving you problems, you go to the dentist so he can fix them for you.


I could give many other examples like the above examples. The problem is that when it comes to our industry, the one that we have worked in for years, perhaps even decades, we like to think that we are all-knowing and we tend to avoid seeking the help we need, because we think we can either fix things ourselves or that we have all all the knowledge ourselves.

That space right there, the space where we think we can fix things or hold all the knowledge ourselves … that is the place where many hotels have closed their doors, many travel brands have gone into administration, many airlines have landed for the last time. It is a sad story, but it is true.

You may not even think you need to ‘fix’ anything at all, and perhaps you don’t. Maybe you would just like a fully booked hotel for the next 2 years or maybe you would like to design exceptional experiences that keep people coming back to you time and time again to see what you are going to wow them with next, perhaps would like to improve sales through hospitality and the way that your staff communicate with your customers, maybe you need more business class seats filled on your airline. There are a million different variables and goals. But one thing I can tell you, is that remaining stagnant and doing nothing to enhance customer and guest experiences in perhaps the quickest moving industry of our time is the most sure fire way to allow your brand or business to take a downward spiral.

Your hotel may be ‘The IT’ hotel today, with a healthy set of bookings for the months ahead, but with new hotels and new experiences popping up daily on the screens and smartphones of your potential customers and guests, you cannot afford to be last seasons ‘IT’ hotel or travel brand that becomes next seasons chip paper (metaphorically speaking).

So How do you become the long term choice? the choice where people return time and time again, or buy from you time and time again, even when they crave new and different experiences? How do you create something that people want to be a part of and enjoy and share with their friends and families so they want to become a part of what you offer and enjoy it too?

You build for the long term. You continuously work on creating exceptional experiences, you learn, you ask questions continuously, you open yourself up to learning new methods, you understand your customers far better than you have ever understood them before. You develop, you grow, you keep exciting the world that views your hotel or travel brand digitally through PR and social media channels, you create experiences that people can’t fail to want to be a part of and can’t fail to want to share.

So how do you do this, you already know because you’ve done it every time you’ve ever been to the doctor, or dentist, or mechanic for help, You get comfortable with knowing that there are things that you don’t know and when you know the things you don’t know you can work with someone who does.

This is where I come in. Outside perspective is key to the growth of your hotel or travel business. How do I know this? tried, tested, success every single time.

This is THE MOST EXCITING TIME to be running a business in the travel and hospitality industry but the key to achieving success in this experience driven world that is full of other businesses and brands offering the same or similar to you is the ability to say … I’m ready to learn.

Are you ready to learn?


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A unique background that has combined working in the travel, experiential design, customer experience, media and marketing industries. Designing and creating experiences, developing sales, business and marketing strategies for some of the worlds leading hotel, travel brands and boutique hotels. A global perspective and diversity of growing a consultancy that combines customer experience, digital marketing and business development with travel and hotel brands from all around the world. From unique boutique establishments to leading industry brands, every client is unique and so is the way we work together.

For a full potted history of me (if you would like one) my why me page HERE can help you. If you are going to work with someone you need to know you are going to be working with the right person. If you would like to go straight to credentials part and learn about my decades of experience in travel, customer experience, marketing & business development then please scroll to the bottom couple of paragraphs, that will give you my credentials and experience and a flavour of what I can bring. If you would like to understand my motivation behind everything a do and the driving force that that will get your hotel guests books FULL, experiences sold out, and business class airline seats booked out then you may like to read the whole page. We all have an underlying motivation and story. I hope once you’ve read mine, it will help you to understand why I am the person who can help you.


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