Why 'The Experience Collector' Blog?


I am an experience collector, you are an experience collector, every single one of us, as people, as consumers are experience collectors and EVERY. EXPERIENCE. WE. COLLECT. COUNTS.

In today’s ever busy, ever developing, tech driven world our attention has become fragmented. We are overloaded with stimulus in both the physical and digital worlds and everything external is vying for our attention, constantly.

When we give something our attention, we want it to deliver us an exceptional experience. After all, we have traded our precious time and attention for that experience. And experiences are available by the bucket load, so we have high expectations of every experience we have. We compare each experience we have with something with the next experience we have! The bar for customer experience anywhere, sets the bar everywhere!

I decided to create a separate blog about experience (something I have been wanting to do for a while, but I thought it was about time) I shall backdate some of my posts, but I will be sharing anything experience related here with the aim of this:

“To raise the bar and standard for delivering exceptional experiences at every interaction”

I strive for excellence with any brand I that I work with, when it comes to delivering experiences in both the physical and digital worlds, so I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas and examples of excellence in experience along the way here!

If you are a business or brand who is looking to up your standards in the experience that you are delivering, GREAT! It’s nice to have you here, I hope you will find this a useful resource!

We have a tough job to do to continuously create excellent and meaningful experiences. It’s good to have you on board the journey with me!

Until next time.

Keep delivering excellence!