That point of difference: Digitalise The Heck Out Of The Small Things. WHY Bacon, Books, Fresh Milk and window seats made for two could just be the KEY to more bookings!

When you have a point of difference, Digitalise the heck out of it, tell those quirky stories that make you the obvious choice. We can see a million bedrooms as we scroll Instagram and Twitter and Facebook but how many table reading books, flasks of milk, crispy bits of bacon and stories from the window do we see? considerably less!

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The Dubai Effect: Excellence Experienced.

In order to be excellent, we must absorb excellent. Dubai sets an example for excellence in experience and raises the bar to encourage us to become better, globally.

I do wonder if one day the example that Dubai sets will become a verb. We have become so familiar with the term ‘Google It’ I wonder if ‘Dubai It’ will become a phrase that we globally use to refer to raising standards of excellence in experience! I can tell you now, It deserves it!

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