Your customer and my customer has changed in their consumption and buying habits in the last week. Forget the last two or three years. People are far more savvy in their buying choices and their route to purchase is far more complex than we have ever experienced in our lifetime. Technology and digital media has given them access to more information than they have ever previously had and if they are going to choose to spend any money with you, then they are going to do their due diligence and look at many things before they make a choice to do business with you.

Every customer is a privilege and the brands and businesses that recognise this are the brands that are in business for longevity not a short term transaction.

The common misconception is that peoples’ buying choices are predominantly based around price, when in fact it is far from the truth. Experience ranks right at the top of many buying decisions for todays savvy shopper. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, the experience they have with you needs to be exceptional. Experience Matters.

Forget prescribed ‘customer journeys’, we can not determine the journey that every individual human being will travel on before they make a purchase with us, what we can do however, is become more aware of what we are doing as a brand or business and take action to deliver exceptional experiences with your brand both physically (in the real world) and digitally (on-line)



From an Online Skype Consultancy, to full day(s) with you and your teams, I consult in a variety of different ways. I work with some brands on a retainer and long term basis so we can work together to achieve goals and timescales and key business events and drivers, dependant upon requirement. I am also contracted to work on individual project design and management.

Consultation brings in experience from the outside. Very often, as brands and businesses we become insular in our approach, stale in our methods, thoughts and ideas and we question why we don’t get better results when we implement the same thing that worked for us two or three years ago. Your customers consumption of a brand changes daily. In order to reach them you cannot be thinking with a two year old mindset.

Consultancy gives you access to experience. It opens you up to new ideas, networks, support and strategy to drive inspiration, motivation and action. It also provides an approach that you wouldn't typically get from your internal departments. Many clients work with me on a one-to-one basis but some like to integrate me with their teams to up-skill and educate team members so they are more experientially, commercially and digitally more sophisticated in their approach.

I work with you to deliver success. Together, we have the ability to create something exceptional.

Every brand and business is unique and therefore every conversation is personalised and tailored to you. I never have a conversation in the same way, twice. My forte is in the ability to ask the right questions and then listen intently to the answers. Then we design something exceptional.


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All services integrate Customer Experience, Business Development and Media Marketing.

Online Consultancy

One Day Consultancy

One Day Consult + Create


Project Management

Retained Monthly



It’s simple, Victoria delivered for us on our digital marketing. She’s a class act, minus the jargon

She’s a wonderful person. We are privileged that our paths have crossed and cannot envisage a better human to do business with, ups or downs, she is there and we appreciate her value sincerely.
— Selva Muthalagappen, Owner, Colwick Hall
I found her to be an excellent business owner with a very detailed knowledge of the market place upon which she has built her business. She is a very tenacious business women and has a great understanding of her clients needs and aspirations. Empathetic leader with 1st class communication skills at a senior level. Very enthusiastic and detailed in everything she does. I would not hesitate in recommending Victoria to do business with; especially all things web based, marketing, advertising, business development.
— Gary White, Sales and Marketing Manager
Seeing you do your thing was magic; not only a joy but oh so very special as I benefitted from your expertise and experience. I was most impressed by so many things and listing them would be dangerous as I may forget some items, yet I will say I was most impressed by how you got me and my brand.

That’s what got me to ease in so rapidly as I was feeling like we had known and worked with each other forever and I felt in great hands, could and did let go and let you do your thing.

Everything you did was spot on and I appreciate it all so much. You expertly managed three of my top social media channels . This was the first time I had given access to someone at this extent and what a great job you did.

You made my team extra special that week and I will never forget it, thank you for your incredible everything.
— Frederique Murphy, Mountain Moving Mindset



If you would like to learn more about what I can bring, my ‘why me’ page HERE can help you. When you are going to choose someone to work with you on a consultancy basis, you need to know you are choosing the right person. If you would like to go straight to the typical ‘Linkedin’ part and learn about my experience in customer experience, media marketing & business development, then please scroll to the bottom couple of paragraphs, this will give you my credentials and a flavour of what I can bring. If you would like to understand my motivation behind everything I do and the driving force that that will improve your business, better your customer experiences, generate sales and tell better stories digitally then you may wish to read it all. We all have an underlying motivation and story. I hope once you’ve read mine, it will help you to understand why I am the person who can help you.


All services require a discovery call. These range from 30 minutes to 1 hour (dependant upon service).

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