I translate the world of digital marketing and social for the clients I work with, simplifying the complexity of the ever-emerging digital world and today's in-control savvy consumer.

I help clients to put Customer Experience at the forefront of everything they do, seamlessly helping them to integrate this through all areas of their business infrastructure both online and offline. 

If we work together, you will come to learn that this is about you. Your passion becomes mine and together, we work to create something exceptional. To simply list a number of packaged services here would do a disservice to both you and I. Your vision, passion, dream, goals and targets are personal to you, your brand, your organisation, cause, institution or movement. The solution will be personalised.

My forte is in my ability to think differently and ask the right questions from the offset, this enables me to find, strategise and create ideas and solutions, making business bespoke for those I work with.

To give you a few examples of how I work; when it comes to offline, I design, plan, strategise, create and implement physical 'real life' experiences. This includes everything from event design, business staged events, functions and conferences to social good campaigns, public staged events and press opportunities. 

I consult with brands, managers and their respective teams to understand how to put experience at the forefront of everything they do in a digital world.

I help businesses to create comprehensive, effective, 'thumb-stopping', press gathering, attention-grabbing digital and social media strategies that reach hearts and minds and ultimately connect them with their audience and customers.

I'm an implementer, I work with everything from strategising to logistics, management and implementation. Your project is a blank canvas where potential is limitless. How much of that do you want to realise? 


Please send me a message HERE or visit my contact page, If you would like to talk more!


It’s simple, Victoria delivered for us on our digital marketing. She’s a class act, minus the jargon

She’s a wonderful person. We are privileged that our paths have crossed and cannot envisage a better human to do business with, ups or downs, she is there and we appreciate her value sincerely.
— Selva Muthalagappen, Owner, Colwick Hall
I found her to be an excellent business owner with a very detailed knowledge of the market place upon which she has built her business. She is a very tenacious business women and has a great understanding of her clients needs and aspirations. Empathetic leader with 1st class communication skills at a senior level. Very enthusiastic and detailed in everything she does. I would not hesitate in recommending Victoria to do business with; especially all things web based, marketing, advertising, business development.
— Gary White, Sales and Marketing Manager
Seeing you do your thing was magic; not only a joy but oh so very special as I benefitted from your expertise and experience. I was most impressed by so many things and listing them would be dangerous as I may forget some items, yet I will say I was most impressed by how you got me and my brand.

That’s what got me to ease in so rapidly as I was feeling like we had known and worked with each other forever and I felt in great hands, could and did let go and let you do your thing.

Everything you did was spot on and I appreciate it all so much. You expertly managed three of my top social media channels . This was the first time I had given access to someone at this extent and what a great job you did.

You made my team extra special that week and I will never forget it, thank you for your incredible everything.
— Frederique Murphy, Mountain Moving Mindset