How The Heck Do You Reshape The World Anyway? Throw Away The Predict Script.


It’s that time of year, again…

New Year is about to roll in and the bright lights of 2018 are about to dazzle us. I’m exceptionally excited about 2018, more than any year that has gone previously to it in business. Something feels very exciting about 2018. Each year the prediction posts roll out, when many predict what different networks and platforms, technologies and marketing trends will take the world by storm for the year ahead. The reality is, that it’s not entirely possible to predict what will happen in the future, what IS possible however, is to CREATE what happens.

I have taken so much learning from 2017 and this really has been the year where I have paved new ways in all areas of my life and especially my work, by avoiding the ‘status quo and ‘trends’ and really creating something different. Relationships have always been KEY to me in every area of my life. People matter most and always will do, however, this year has been about combining that with creating very different experiences for those that I work with, innovating and changing the ‘norm’, the ‘trend’ and the ‘typical’. It’s been an exciting and very meaningful ride, that’s for sure.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I really feel that this will form part of the future of how we move forward. By creating and designing experiences that are unique and exceptionally unique, so that as a business owner, you become the only option. You become the person that someone want’s to turn to when they are looking for a service you provide, because you do it differently, you don’t follow a trend, you create.

Many say they are innovating using technology, marketing  and social media to innovate … but question yourself, are you really?

Or, are you jumping onto Linkedin because it’s the ‘In Thing’ to do? Creating Instagram Stories because ‘everyone else is’?

Whilst all of these things are amazing and a creative playground for us as marketers, as business owners, as people, I believe that those who look at things very differently by combining:

The Importance Of Human Relationships + Focusing On Experiences People Have With Us + Technology + Bucking Trends + Creatively Thinking And Innovating + Action Taking  are truly those who will ‘Reshape The World’.

It sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? It kind of is … but there is a lot of responsibility and depth that goes into reshaping this world that we live in. It’s not as simple as just doing something because it is the popular thing to do.

In essence we need to predict less and create more.

I am very fortunate to work and network with business owners and brands on multiple levels and I really like to study and understand ‘how things work’ and what it is that people do to make them different, to make them special to every person they come into contact with.

Enter Huawei Mobile Reshapes The World Global MBB Forum.


A few weeks ago now, I attended Huawei’s Mobile Reshapes The World Global MBB Forum in London as a part of the Huawei KOL Programme. The Huawei KOL programme is headed up by  Walter Jennings who puts relationship building at the forefront of everything that he does to develop Huawei as a brand.

The programme brings together an eclectic mix of people with varying areas of expertise, influence, thought leadership and opinion. It is not based upon just looking at someone’s numbers of followers or fans. Huawei are doing things differently and innovating and understanding by involving multiple people from many walks of life.

Anyway, the key subject matter of this event was around 5G technology. For anyone reading this who is unaware of 5G and it’s capabilities, my understanding is that 5G is the next generation of mobile and wireless broadband technology that’s capabilities will deliver low latency and super fast speeds. We were told that 5G networks will deliver both mobile broadband and fixed services to users whether they are at home, in the office or on-the-go as they go about  living their daily lives. Impressive stuff.

I cast my mind back to the very first Huawei event I attended which was ‘Open Roads- Powered By Huawei.’ Whilst this was not a typical Huawei event, it was my first insight into the brand. It left me with a strong and lasting impression, that it is a collaborative brand that constantly seeks to encourage empowerment of those it collaborates with. Huawei is always learning, researching and developing and discovering new ways to digitally transform, reshape and make a better connected world.

I am not the biggest technology writer in this world, far from it. Although, I do absolutely geek out and test and try many forms of technology in wonder and discovery, constantly thinking how it can be applied and used by us as human beings to create a much better, meaningful and connected world as business owners. Huawei appreciates that everyone in the KOL programme has a unique perspective and it is constantly researching and developing by seeking opinion from those with differing perspectives. It helps their brand to grow by seeking out these varying opinions and growing and growing it is, exponentially.


(KOL’s from around the world joined at Huawei MBBF)

Apart from Technology, what REALLY interests me are the experiences that any business, large or small, creates for it’s clients, it’s advocates, it’s people, it’s staff … every experience matters. What Huawei does  exceptionally well is create experiences and relationships with it’s employees, it’s partners, it’s carriers, it’s advocates and it’s consumers to deliver a better connected world.

We are living in a world of technology that is moving at such a quick pace of change, that is only going to escalate more quickly. Innovation, creating meaningful experiences and culture around a brand and driving transformation is crucial to a brand surviving or thriving.

Outside of the main stage at Huawei MBBF, was a whole exhibition floor of different technology and innovation from both Huawei and it’s partners. This really stood out to me, because, going back to my original thoughts around reshaping the world we live in, Huawei are focusing on the importance of human relationships here and they are bucking trends by collaborating an innovating together to create things that matter and things that will drive transformation and change. Alone, it would be less effective and powerful. TOGETHER, they achieve much more. Huawei spends billions of dollars every year on research and development, and then shares the research with their partners through Huawei X Labs, This drives growth and revenue between Huawei and it’s partners. Together, innovation is far more possible and opportunity increases drastically. X Labs is an employee led initiative that encourages it’s partners to join them to innovate and develop ideas with 5G tech that will eventually power the futures of you, I and everyone in this world.

Anyway, back to that exhibition floor (purely so I could share the super cool picture of me sitting in a single passenger taxi drone). Although this was a little tricky to get inside, as I sat there taking copious amounts of photos, I thought to myself … this is a brand who is creating the future that we will live in. Yes they are exceptionally aware and astute as to what is happening around them, yes they spend billions of dollars on research and development, but what Huawei does is TAKE ACTION. They are innovating and changing the ‘norm’ the ‘trend’ the ‘typical’ by collaborating, developing, bucking the typical trend and pretty much saying … ‘heck lets do this’. They are CREATING …. this equals change.

Into the main stage area; During the opening keynote of this event, Mr. Ken Hu (Huawei Rotating CEO)  discussed a whole plethora of things including Connected Cows …  Ask me about this over a coffee sometime!


What stood out to me the MOST was Mr.Hu’s thoughts around the success of future networks, when he said;

‘Mobile Technology Will Not Change The World On It’s Own, The Responsibility Lies With Us’ – Ken Hu

Although Mr Hu applied this statement to future networks, this can be applied to so many things.

There is a huge lesson in this for business owners, whether you are part of a large global brand, a startup or a local business trying to create change, design experiences, innovate and reshape this world.

Why? because technology can’t make things happen by itself. So going back to predictions and the typical ‘Linkedin Is going to be THE platform of 2018’ ‘Instagram Stories Will Be The Place Where Everyone Spends Their Time’, think about this… it is FAR too simplistic. The reality is, that it’s not entirely possible to predict what will happen in the future, nor will it ever be exciting or make a real impact by just ‘going along’ with what everyone else is doing.  As Ken Hu says the responsibility really does lie with us, despite the technology, the trends, the status quo. In order to make change and develop a culture around your business, you really do have to create what happens.

So I challenge you, throw Huawei (away ;-)!)  the script in 2018, stop responding to the ‘in thing’ …

Try as you might you will never be able to predict exactly what will happen. You can however, CREATE what will happen, that IS in your control.

You will never reshape the world by thinking like it and predicting it. You have to create it.

Happy Reshaping in 2018 … here’s to the best one yet.